Top 3 Fantasy/Sci fi YA Books Coming out in July and August

In the month of July and August, we're getting a bunch of new YA sci fi and fantasy books. So much so that I'm compiling a list of the top young adult sci fi/fantasy books that I'm the most excited about. Will these have a spot amongst the best YA reads? I can't wait to find out when they release! These are my top three picks for YA fantasy and sci fi coming out soon.

Youngblood by Sasha Laurens

The cover of the paranomal YA romance book, Youngblood by Sasha Laurens

Excitement level 3.5/5 I will be buying it the first few days it's been released

My early impressions on Goodreads

Childhood best friends-to-lovers sprinkled with enemies-to-lovers? The characters are vampires and sapphic? Well, sign me up! I'm so excited for this novel with an exciting premise and a beautiful cover to boot. Vampire young adult novels have been a favorite of mine since I was a teenager so I will definitely be looking out for this fantasy YA release!

A Duel With The Vampire Lord by Elise Kova

The cover of ew adult romance book, A Duel with the Vampire Lord by Elise Kova

Excitement Level: 2.5/5 I will probably read the first week it comes out due to it being on Kindle Unlimited

Goodreads page

Elise Kova's novels I believe belong on the cusp of YA and NA. The latest read I've read from her, A Deal with the Elf King, I wound up not finishing. In my opinion, it was uninteresting and slow; a stark contrast to the enjoyment I got from her other series. I didn't even read the second book in the married to magic series that these said books belong in.

However, I'm giving it another go, and hopefully, this one will be my cup of tea. I'm excited to see Elise Kova's take on this vampire romance!

The Stars Between Us by Cristin Terrill

The cover of YA sci-fi rom-com, The Stars Between us by Cristin Terrill

Excitement level: 5/5 I will be preordering it on my Kindle and buying the Faecrate edition

My first impressions of it on Goodreads

Early reviewers have taken to calling this book the "sci fi Bridgerton" and for that comparison alone I am beside myself with excitement for this book to come out. I have been yearning for a sci-fi rom-com to be published. Now that that void in my heart has been fulfilled, I am clearing off my schedule on August 2nd to do nothing but read this exciting premise of a book!

Thank you so much for sticking around to read my early impressions of these upcoming fantasy/sci fi YA titles coming out this month and in August!

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